Welcome to Listening Heart Christian Yoga

    Following the Yoga Alliance registered style of Yahweh Yoga, Listening Heart Christian Yoga (LHCY) begins each class with scripture and prayer. This mind calming approach allows the student to truly relax and begin the restorative process (see 10 Reasons page under menu item - Christian Yoga) which is achievable through the physical benefits of yoga.

    Christian music is central in maintaining an uplifting and positive atmosphere during the practice. Students are encouraged to make each experience at LHCY their own by modifying postures (asanas) when needed but always striving for improvement. The health of mind, body and spirit is the goal, but without losing sight of the One in whose hands all things rest.





  • Relieve Stress
  • Enlighten Your Mind
  • Energize Your Body
  • Refresh Your Spirit
  • Begin Today to Improve Your LIfe!

To God be the glory.


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